Thursday, April 06, 2006

About Verification Tea

One of the things I noticed in the course of my career, is that verification engineers are always busy. Now, busy is a pretty good thing, seeing as it usually means that you will remain employed; but now and then, even great verification engineers need to take a 'tea' break and evaluate whether they are working hard and smart, or just working hard.

Functional Verification of RTL designs is a fascinating field, and promises the true explorer a rewarding and enjoyable career, each day we can learn new solutions, discover new bugs, and find entertaining ways to make the world around us work better with us. It is this exploration, and the occasional moment of epiphany which keep us enchanted for years on end. (that and the salary of course )

My goal in this blog is to share some of my tea-time ideas, hopefully get some good feedback from the audience, and provide an entertaining place to spend your tea-time.

So pull up some biscuits, or cookies if your from the other side of the ocean, and enjoy your break.



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